Entry #2

Gravity Box

2008-11-25 01:07:03 by areagle

Im in the process of making a scroller/action/puzzler game with realistic physics and fun gameplay. It should be out in a few weeks. The style of the game is simple yet clean and their are multiple powerups/items. Heres a little thumbnail of what it will look like!

Gravity Box


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2008-11-25 20:53:51

Ah, good old Newgrounds.

areagle responds:

Yeah, some kids.


2009-02-19 14:33:04

Thanks for using my music. Loving the extra exposure :D


2009-03-25 20:32:17

Now when you say clean...do you mean the...nevermind. BAD THOUGHTS! AGH! I must play this when it comes out.


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